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Frill Media Pvt. Ltd is backed by investors in US, Canada and India. FrillMedia is focused on providing unique marketing solutions to our partners, specially through internet and mobile advertising (including social media websites like Facebook, twitter etc). The goal of Frill Media is to grow business for our partners and provide "Luxury at an affordable price to our users". Frillmedia is launching various products in the e-commerce space one of them being FrillDeal.com

FrillDeal.com offers daily/weekly hotel/resort/getaway deals to our customers who don’t have much time to go far to rejuvenate and relax by providing them with short getaway which they can easily afford to take with their busy schedule. Getaway packages on FrillDeal.com are offered at hugely discounted prices so that our consumers can try new hotels/resorts and specially themed properties.

We at Frill Media Pvt. Ltd., are working on building new client base for our partners by indicating the cost effectiveness, activities and social concerns. This will help our partners increase traffic for their business through FrillDeal.com as customer not only enjoy these kind of discounts but also share this with their family and friends.

We look forward to work with our business partners such as Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Cab Services, Retail Stores, Spa Centres, Fitness Centres, Travel tours and many more, with a great enthusiasm and zeal to connect them to their target customers.

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